Gingerbread Toy Shop - Interior Kit


The interior kit for the Gingerbread Toy Shop Kit is full of details! The colorful shop is a fun place for kids to see their favorite toys — from a castle — to a tiny, toy sewing machine. Upstairs in the toymaker's workshop, toys are being painted on the workbench and packages are ready for delivery to the North Pole. His bedroom is also full of toys (this toymaker never grows old!). 

This project took an extra long time to design because of the many little accessories that are included in the kit.

  • More than 40 different toys; mostly 3D printed 
  • ALL WOOD furniture for the shop, workshop, and bedroom 
  • Nutcracker cutouts
  • Matching artwork for furniture and toys
  • Instructions for finishing the kits 

The Furniture is laser cut from wood. Most of the toys are 3D printed. Tips for painting and photos of the samples are provided.

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