1:48 Joie de Vivre - Full Furnishings Kit


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Would you like to furnish Joie de Vivre Bookshop, but you don't know where to start? 

This item is a bundle of 44 kits which includes all of the furniture and accessories used in the Joie de Vivre Bookshop. This bundle of kits includes the furniture and accessories for all 3 floors, as well as the items used on the exterior of the structure. The bottom floor of the structure contains a bookshop; the second floor is a reading room; and the third floor of the structure is a printery (complete with a tiny printing press and type cabinets!). 

The kits consist of 3D printed plastic, laser cut wood, and finely printed artwork and fabrics that are created from original artwork. Carol has designed the artwork on the furniture and accessories to coordinate perfectly with the wallpaper, flooring, and the stained glass windows in the bookshop structure.

All of the kits make up into very detailed, high quality pieces. Painting and finishing tips are included with the instructions for the kits.

The furniture and accessories may also be purchased separately. This bundle is the best value.